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Well now that everything is cleared and closed on the purchase of our new home I would like to take the opportunity to thank 2 very special people, Merilyn McCart who not only is a great realtor that truly cares for the people she works with and helps all kinds of people that are less fortunate than ourselves. Merilyn also hooked us up with her northern connection in Sudbury and after some 30 homes we were able to secure a new property. These agents were not just interested in making a quick pay cheque they took the time to make sure we were successful in our sell and buy. I would like to think that our success and happiness is due to working with great people that love their work. Once again a HUGE thank you.

G and D


Merilyn went above and beyond with both the sale of our home and the purchase of the condo. Merilyn helped me not only with real estate but was also there to help me when I had locked my keys in my vehicle on a cold day when it would have probably been a long time to wait for assistance. Merilyn truly is the "Realtor with Heart" and I am REALLY satisfied with all that she has done for us.

Merilyn McCart
Merilyn McCart
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